The band started up his metal attack initially as a PROJECT with the guitarist and the voclaist, making a first row-mixed DEMO named HUMAN UTOPYA, including it in a compilation with BUCHOLIKA (a desperate One Man Band) and Lethal Steel (The name just indicates the mental sickness of that people). After Summer of '99 This two guys decided to produce a Full Lenght CD named VENUSLAIN ended in the Spring of 2000. the graphic work and the logo were a production of CATSATAN from SINDONE, and in the late summer the project become stable as a real band, tnx to BLASTER From HACKERS (uuuuhhh!!!). DREADFUL OMEN continued to rage and play gig in Florence 'till February of 2002, when BLASTER left band, just replaced by LORENZO. Now thw band's objective are to play gigs over Florence and Prato, and is imminent a studio-recording of a Mini CD (or the second Full Lenght?), in a few months... Detailed information about the band are in the news, updated Weekly.


1 - Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi 2000 (Carmina Burana)

2 - Drove Of Souls And Hate

3 - The Illusionist

4 - Church Follower

5 - Slain

6 - Vicious Ectoplasma

7 - Death in '86

8 - Mutilation Of Mankind

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